Technology Recommendations & Procurement

RFP process management

Our vast expertise in this area could help you produce a concise document that would yield minimum ambiguity and provide total protection of your investment.

Having both written and responded to countless RFI/RFPs over the years, Master Media Solutions’ team advises media organizations on how to express their requirements in such a way that the manufacturers and systems vendors will know precisely what is required. Our team can of highly experienced industry professionals can manage RFPs through vendor selection and contract negotiation to completion and delivery.


Contract Review and Supplier Management

Whether you’re buying a product, a system or a managed service; Value for Money, Support, Service Level Agreements, Software Lifecycle Management, Interoperability and Content Migration are just some of the complex contractual issues that Master Media Solutions’ Professionals can help you with, either directly with your Suppliers or in support of your own Procurement Team.